Snappy Tags Clothes and Uniform Labelling

Labelling clothes can be such a chore – either spending hours sewing in labels or using iron-on name tapes that come off after only a few washes. Not anymore! Snappy Tags are a simple yet effective clothes labelling solution; suitable for use in schools, care homes, for work uniforms or linens in a holiday let – anywhere clothing or other fabrics require labelling.

Snappy Tags are like small buttons, permanently laser-etched with the name or number you require so they will not fade or wash off, unlike other methods of clothes labelling. Using the hand-held Applicator, you apply the Snappy Tags to the clothes laundry label with a simple click – enabling you to label clothes quickly and efficiently.

Once applied using the Snappy Applicator, Snappy Tags are secure and will not come off in the laundry process; they are suitable for domestic and commercial laundries and dry-cleaning.

Snappy Tags can also be removed (using the applicator tool) and re-used on another garment, making them an ideal way to label children’s school uniform as they grow, for care home residents or work-wear.

Snappy Tags are available in packs of 25 or 50 Tags – don’t forget you will also need a Snappy Applicator to fix your tags securely to clothing.

If you are interested in using Snappy Tags for a business – whether it be a care home, yacht crew, work uniforms, boarding school etc. – please contact us for further information regarding bulk ordering. Email or call 0844 5611994

How it works

Snappy Tags – Pack of 50

Label 50 items of clothing, school uniform or other soft items. If you require more Snappy Tags or a different name, simply order additional packs of 25 or 50 Snappy Tags (packs cannot be split between different names).

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Snappy Applicator

Label clothing securely using the Snappy Applicator, which can also be used to remove Snappy Tags from a garment. Snappy Tags available separately in packs of 25 or 50 Tags.

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If you are a care home and would like further information on Snappy Tags, how to order in bulk or open an account with us, contact us at or call 0844 5611994

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